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We aim to evaluate quantitatively and qualitatively throughout the development and execution of this project. One of the ways we have done this was to capture the views of professional participants in the May 2010 Belfast Workshop. Some samples include:

My greatest challenge was, and still is, to work out how the new information about population growth is affecting me and my children in the long run. We came up with a lot of ideas of what the future might look like, none of which are very positive. I feel challenged by this and feel the need to find out more about how I can contribute to a more positive view of the future.

This sent us into a more free and liberated headspace, where I didn’t feel like I was asking the same old questions and dealing with the same old issues. It felt honest, relevant, exciting and modern. Fascinating to hear the takes from different cultures, and find how different and similar we are.

I loved the differences. Each culture and discipline has its own texture and character. I was stimulated by the sound of the different languages and accents. I think we were really interested in each other and each other’s culture. The multi-disciplines fed the work too, though it seemed challenging to see how they fit into the process at this stage. Maybe more than anything it kept us constantly aware of the scope of the piece - not just a play but a multi-media project – so we didn’t think in straight lines but allowed ourselves to be more playful. 

The full evaluation document is below.