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Workshop With Terra Nova

The exchange of different cultural ideas and personal experiences is the lifeblood of Terra Nova and the range of artists and theatre professionals who are delivering the company’s mission. While we may not always be doing biographical shows based on people’s stories, being connected to communities we work with keeps our work honest, fresh and relevant.

Do you work with a community group? Is your group over 18? We’d like to offer you and the community you support our FREE intercultural storytelling workshop!

In our intercultural storytelling workshop, we use universally familiar folk and fairy tales to teach participants the principles of storytelling, to develop stories based on their own lives and then create stop motion animations based on these stories. We liaise with translators and childcare workers, if needed, to support workshop participants to engage fully.

The workshops are facilitated by our Artistic Director, Andrea Montgomery. Andrea is a Delhi-born Canadian, who has worked in Iran, Indonesia, Slovakia, Bulgaria, France, Macau, Hong Kong, the UK, Ireland, Canada and Greenland. In Northern Ireland, Andrea has worked with Barnardos Tuar Ceatha Services, Chinese Welfare Association, NI Victims Support, University of Ulster, RNIB, RNLI, Polish Association, HereNI, GLYNI, WPCA (East Belfast), BT, and Edmund Rice College.

What Is On Offer?

  • Two FREE 2-hour workshops between September 2013—March 2014 for a group of 8-30 people in your venue
  • We will undertake any production work necessary between workshops to refine the participants’ work

Artistic Director Andrea Montgomery talks about the workshops in this short film (footage & questions by Chen Ko):


Other Workshop Opportunities

We also offer group workshops with our Ulster Kama Sutra puppet project. Find out more here.

Individuals members of Northern Ireland's multi-culture communities might be interested in taking part in a free master class with professional writers and actors on November 15, 16 and 17.  Check out Arrivals to find out more and write to to express interest.

Films Made During Previous Workshops

Several groups of young people worked on animations inspired by the science themes in our up coming environmental science based production, All At Once I Saw A Crowd.  They worked on scenes based on reduced or damaged carrying capacity in closed environments inhabited by humans: 15th century Greenland, and 17th century Tikopia.


Polish mums created a scene of winning the lottery and running away for a holiday during the workshop with Barnardos Belfast.

Again the theme of airplane travel came up in our Mandarin speaking mothers' workshop, with this short animation showing the moment of arrival in a new country.