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Virtual Board Induction Pack

Terra Nova Productions is currently recruiting new Board members to suppliment its excellent core team.  This page contains information that we hope will be useful for perspective Board Members.

Interested parties should read through the material, and if not already in contact, contact the company through our email Terra Nova facility above to express interest.

The Company's Status and Purpose

Terra Nova Productions was granted its company status in March 2007.  It is a registered charity and a theatre company, that is to say an arts organisation whose purpose is to advance understanding and appreciation of the arts, and which therefore undertakes to use any profits it makes to continue this mission.  For example it may under take profit-making tours and remounts to support the production of new work and workshops. The Company Memorandum goes into this in more detail, and you can download the Memorandum and Articles from our Company Documents page. Because of its charitable status, Terra Nova is required by law to have a volunteer Board of Directors, although its officers and employees may be paid salaries or fees in keeping with industry norms.

The company also has the facility to allow for people to become members who vote at the AGM and elect the board.  Andrea Montgomery and Anthony Toner are members.  Members may work for the company without conflict of interest.

The Company's Vision & Mission

Our vision is to 'Put the Wonder Back Into the World We All Share'.  Terra Nova Productions' does this by being an 'innovative production company, rooted in Northern Ireland, with a mission to collaborate with people of different cultures'. It does this via the medium of the performing arts, through projects which engage with other cultures, from a base in Northern Ireland.  The company will take its projects anywhere in the world were engagement and appreciation is possible. 

Company History

It's Not All Rain and Potatoes 2007 (Baby Grand and regional tour)

The Three Questions 2007 (with Chung Ying Theatre, performed in Tin Shui Wai, Hong Kong)

Young Creative Voices 2008 (with MacWac Theatre, performing in Macau)

Young Creative Voices 2009 (with MacWac Theatre, performing in Macau)

Fardj Festival Iran 2009 (with Visiting Arts, in Tehran)

Young Creative Voices 2010 (with MacWac Theatre, performing in Macau & Brazil)

All At Once I Saw A Crowd 2009 workshop (with Chung Ying Theatre and Bold&Saucy TC, London)

All At Once I Saw A Crowd 2010 workshop (with Chung Ying Theatre, MacWac Theatre and Bold&Saucy TC Belfast)

Pilot Animation & Story Telling Workshops 2010/2011 (with Barnardos, BCC, the Chinese Wellfare Association, Edmund Rice School, across greater Belfast)

All At Once I Saw A Crowd 2012 playreading (with Bold&Saucy TC, London)

Communication Workshops for Bangladeshi Community 2012 (Ards, with Barnardos and ADC)

Realising the Vision & Mission

Terra Nova Productions is growing and developing.  The projects we are working on are All At Once I Saw A CrowdThe Ulster Kama Sutra and 8-to-create. The Company is led by founder and Artistic Director Andrea Montgomery.  You can read about her track record at .  Ms Montgomery is currently paid on a project-by-project basis, as are other key personnel, such as producers, education workshop leaders etc. 

Our aim is to develop the Company to the point where a core administrative team is permanently employed, while project artists and team members continue to be hired as and when necessary.  With such a lean structure, the role of the Board is especially important, and sub-committee work in key areas of expertise is vital. 

Terra Nova Productions aims to grow its Board to a minimum of six by the end of 2012.  You can read about other members on our Board page.

The Role of the Board

The Terra Nova Board aims to work at the level of policy, strategy and advice.  We recommend the J A Sonnenfeld 2002 article in HBR What Makes Great Boards Great - Terra Nova Productions aspires to a great Board.

The Board has an important role to play as ambassadors and advocates on behalf of the company.  The Board are requested to take an active role in the fundraising activities of the company by supporting and championing efforts to secure a wide rage of funding from: government agencies, grants and trusts, to commercial sponsorship and good old fashioned 'fundraising activities'. 

 As the company develops Board members can expect to assist in the development of the company's business and fundraising plans.


Annual financial projections and budgets are currently prepared by the Artistic Director for Board approval.  Board members have prior sight of budgets submitted with any funding application.  Working in partnership with the Board Treasurer, quarterly financial updates are prepared and presented by the Artistic Director at Board meetings.  The Board has adopted company financial procedures, which are available on request.


The Company is properly insured, carrying Board Indemnity, and both Employer's and Public Liability.  Copies of the current insurance documents are available on request.

Board Obligations - Documentation & Participation

Board members are required to provide Terra Nova Productions with a register of their interests.  We also hold the address, telephone number and date-of-birth for all Board members.  Board members are required to attend as many as possible of our 5 - 8 Board meetings per annum, and to likewise attend our AGM. 

Board meetings are as efficient and functional as possible, with agendas and papers provided several days in advance.  Much of subsequent Board involvement happens at more informal sub-committee meetings and email exchanges, where id members provide expertise on areas they know well and are interested in.

Our company documents provide clear guidelines on voting procedures, and explain how Board members should handle any conflicts of interest arising during their work with the company.

Board members need to be familiar with the company's equal opportunity policy and its PCVA policy.