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The Belfast Workshop Team 2010This blog is for you.  Artists, associates and interested parties  - spread across the globe.  It is here keep you up to date with what was happening on this project: aware of each other's activities.  Keep in touch.

Andrea Montgomery, Artistic Director.


Norse Objects - Greenland National Museum

During our visit to the Greenland National Museum in Nuuk we had the opportunity to see many origional Norse objects.  Here are some photos of what we saw, now in books (a dress, a hood, and an Inuit carving of a Norse woman).


Saturday Meeting With Greenlandic Colleagues

On Saturday June 15th Sarah Davey-Hull and Andrea Montgomery will be meeting a range of Greenlandic artists in Nuuk. The event is being organised by the National Theatre of Greenland.


Norse Objects

When we visited the Museum yesterday, we saw clothing, toys and everyday household objects of the Greenland Norse as well as a picture of the church where Sigrid Bjornsdottor was married.


'China Eyes Greenland' says Reuters News

Ten days before Sarah and I leave for Nuuk Greenland, I have across a Reuters article from last November about the possibility of industrial investment by the Chinese in Greenland.


Information Round-Up

Hello colleagues!

As most of you know, Terra Nova secured British Council funding for Andrea to meet and work with international colleagues of her choice during spring and summer of 2013.  This has translated into a visit to Toronto to explore possible partnerships and venues for the project, a visit to Vancouver with its important Catonese speaking population to work on the script with Chinese Canadian Artistic Director, Jovanni Sy, and a trip to Greenland with Sarah to explore the Greenlandic elements of the script and work along side the National Theatre of Greenland.

The dates for these visits are:

Vancouver April 30 - May 14

Greenland June 10 to 20.

Andrea has already promised to keep a log of what is happening, and you can follow it at