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The Ulster Kama Sutra Spring 2013 Tour

This was the best show I’ve seen in a very long time.  AWESOMELY HILARIOUS.  (Audience feedback)

Puppet show based on confessions by people from across Northern Ireland, this show lifts the lid on love and sex, featuring sketches, songs, and plenty of ‘what Ulster said’.Behind the scenes interviews with some of the furry fuzzy stars.

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12-23 Feb, Baby Grand Studio, Grand Opera House, Belfast, 028 9024 1919,

28 Feb @ 8pm, Market Place Theatre, Armagh, 028 37521821,

1&2 Mar @ 8pm, The Playhouse Derry-Londonderry, 028 7126 8027,

5&6 Mar @ 8pm, Courtyard Theatre, Ballyear Arts and Leisure Centrel, Newtownabbey, 028 9034 0202

7 Mar @ 8pm, Riverside Theatre, Coleraine, 028 7012 3123,

8 Mar @ 8pm, Down Arts Centre, Downpatrick, 028 4461 0747,

Possibly the most entertaining show I’ve ever seen! I laughed out loud throughout. Excellent stuff! Keep it up - so to speak! (Audience feedback)

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Superb Reviews


Joe Nawaz in the Belfast Telegraph gives the show the top accolade: four stars.  Nawaz says: 

What followed was a delirious whistlestop tour through sketches and songs that held up a mirror to our rather parochial apprehensions about sex and sexuality...very funny.

...funny and well-observed enough to draw laughs of shameless recognition and most refreshingly, the Ulster Kama Sutra took itself every bit as seriously as the title suggested. That is, not really very seriously at all. was hard not be beguiled by the dirtiest set of puppets since Matthew Corbett's washing machine went on the blink.  Us Belfast sophisticates laughed like drains spiked with nitrous oxide.

Tammy Moore gives The Ulster Kama Sutra a cracker of a review in NI Scene. Moore says:

Seriously though, although the jokes come thick and fast – from the prudish Ulster porn movie to the terrifying euphemisms of the sex education nun (silly whistles, bell turbots and dingly dells) – there’s more to the show than naughty cabaret. It is also thought-provoking, touching and sometimes even sad.

Director Montgomery choreographs the emotions of the performance with a sure hand, getting the audience laughing and then undercutting it with raw honesty. It is a particularly Northern Irish way of doing things, wrapping anything hurtful up in a protective layer of mockery.

Read the whole review at: NI Scene

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